General FAQs

After I sign up for a dedicated Mac Mini or Xeon based Virtual Mac, what happens next?

After you've subscribed, then:

- We'll setup your machine

- Send you an e-mail on how you can access your new machine and customer dashboard to manage your subscription.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not, but there are no long term commitments, and you can cancel any time.

Can I use a remote Mac for iOS application development?

Yes, the Mac Mini even comes with Xcode pre-installed.

Certain forms of application development require that a physical iOS device is connected to emulate and test the application. This can be done over the wire (across the internet) using a USB over IP solution. One solution is Eltima's USB Network Gate software.

How do I connect to my remote Mac?

SSH and GPU Accelerated VNC access are enabled by default on our remote Mac Mini's. We personally use Remotix as VNC client as it allows file transfers and implements the native Apple VNC protocol, this way we can use our remote Mac at 4k resolution without issue.

Do I have root and admin access to my remote Mac Mini?

Yes we'll provide you with an administrator account. So you have complete control over the system.

Can I use FileVault on my remote Mac?

Unfortunately not, FileVault requires that a user must login before the Mac connects to the internet, therefore it's not possible to set this up. If you've enabled FileVault by accident, you can request a request a re-install of your remote Mac from the customer dashboard.

What if my Mac freezes or needs a reboot?

You can request a hard-reboot from the customer dashboard and your machine will be rebooted automatically.

Can I get a dedicated public IPv4 address?

Yes, you can select this on checkout. If you already have a subscription, please send an e-mail to and we'll be happy to set this up for you.

How can I change my resolution?

All resolutions up to full HD can be configured through the MacOS configuration panel. To configure resolutions up to 4k or UltraWide you can use tools like SwitchResX

What software is pre-installed?

Each remote Mac comes with a clean installation of macOS

Can I use Mosh (mobile shell) on my machine?

Yes definitely, please contact us at and we'll open the appropiate ports for your machine so you can use Mosh for your remote Mac.

If you're reading this and you don't know what Mosh is, please visit (it's awesome).

Dedicated Mac hardware

NVMe / SSD storage only

SSH & GPU Accelerated VNC

Hosted in the Netherlands